Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The U-A-What...Where?

I've been in the States for three days now and my first telling of where I've come from has resulted in the blank look and "Where is that?" follow-up question. I would expect such from an uneducated person, but this man was a bank officer and a college educated person. When he asked me the fateful question,I knew right away not to answer Ajman, 'cause let's face it, half the people in the UAE don't know where or what Ajman is, but before I could answer, my son volunteers; "The UAE...United Arab Emirates. Dubai?, Sharjah?..." (more blank look) I guess I'm going to say I'm from Arabia and just leave it at that. "No, not Saudia Arabia, the other less know one," I'll say.

Things I miss already.
The other half of my family.
Warmth and sunshine. It's 70-degrees here and I'm freezing.
Washroom sprays
Light switches on the outside of the bathroom. Yes, I know light switches are supposed to be in the inside of the room like they are here, but I've lived abroad where they are on the outside that I'm used to that now.